Building the first MIBE template

At this point we should have access to a SmartOS global zone with MIBE installed. If the /opt/mibe/bin/repo_init and /opt/mibe/bin/build_smartos scripts are »

Installation of MIBE

Provisioning SmartOS zones by using one of the available base images is easy and fast. By using a sane configuration management solution the resulting machine should also be the same »

SmartOS via iPXE Using a Raspberry Pi

SmartOS is awesome - rewriting the usbkey not that awesome. While I was testing some extensions to the platform image rewriting the usbkey annoyed me a lot. I decided to »

SmartOS and Why I Need

SmartOS changed my life over the past year and hopefully will change a lot more in the future as well. It is the foundation of all my little test systems »